EVE Online

This is EVE online. Input your SRML code describing your multi-agent system/game by using either:

  1. Via Upload; you can upload your SRML code file and run EVE,
  2. Via TextArea; you can write or copy/paste your SRML code in the designated text area and run EVE.

To run:

  1. choose the preferred input method (Via Upload or Via TextArea),
  2. select the problem that you want to solve from the dropdown list (Non-Emptiness, E-Nash, or A-Nash),
  3. (un)check the "Draw the synthesised strategy?" checkbox to (not) draw the strategy profile graph,
  4. (un)check the "Run in verbose mode?" checkbox to (not) display extra information (parity games size, performance times, etc.),
  5. click the "Run EVE" button to start computing.

SRML syntax guide can be found here. Some SRML code examples can be found here.

Input your SRML code via file upload

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Input your SRML code via TextArea

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